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The Systems Group is Making a BIG Economic Impact in Southern Arkansas

The Systems Group is Making a BIG Economic Impact in Southern Arkansas

April 3, 2018, El Dorado, Arkansas –
The Systems Group (TSG) is making a BIG difference in their hometown, manufacturing Spray-Cooled™ furnace equipment used in the steel making industry, one that in turn drives our national economy.  TSG started in El Dorado in 1972 by Charles Hays, Sr., and is proud to continue to create jobs in the ElDoArk area, with a focus on growth and development of the town itself.

One of four divisions of TSG, Systems Spray-Cooled, holds over 80 current or pending patents worldwide related to Spray-Cooled™ cooling technology.  This technology, which is in over 100 mills in 19 countries, enables steel mills to operate more safely with less downtime. 

The equipment (an electric arc furnace roof) in this picture is destined for a steel mill in Jewett, TX.  Systems Spray-Cooled™ equipment is fabricated all around the world; however, when logistics allow, their equipment is fabricated at TSG’s local fabrication shop, Systems Fab & Machine, located in their hometown of El Dorado, Arkansas.  Every piece that can be built in El Dorado brings jobs to our area that would not exist without Systems.  Due to the size of the equipment, logistics can be just as big of a project as manufacturing it!

TSG not only focuses on Spray-Cooled™ Technology but also has three additional divisions: Systems Plant Services helps maintain steel mills across the country; Systems Contracting offers contracting services locally and across the nation; Systems Fab & Machine offers fabrication and machining capabilities right here in El Dorado, Arkansas.  The latter two divisions were heavily involved with the construction of the new Murphy Arts District (MAD) in El Dorado.

TSG not only helps to stimulate our local economy, but they allow El Dorado, Arkansas to hold an international market and deliver a little bit of El Dorado, Arkansas across the world.  While operating worldwide, TSG maintains their roots and remains headquartered in El Dorado, Arkansas. 


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SprayCooled Furnace EAF Charge

Ovako Hofors Puts Safety at the Forefront with the First Spray-Cooled™ EAF Roof in the Nordic Region

Ovako EAF Spray-Cooled RoofJuly 24, 2017, El Dorado, Arkansas Swedish steel producer Ovako has awarded Systems Spray-Cooled the contract to modernize and increase safety on their Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) with the first Spray-Cooled™ roof in the Nordic region, located at their bar, billet, tube, and rings facility in Hofors, Sweden.

After first being exposed to Spray-Cooled technology at the European Electric Steelmaking Conference in Italy, Ovako weighed the new technology against their current pressurized tubular roofs.  The main concerns were implementing the technology with their environment (piping); otherwise, Ovako has been highly enthusiastic about the technology and saw clear advantages both for maintenance and for safety. Because Spray-Cooled™ equipment operates at atmospheric pressure, the cooling water is not pumped across the area to be cooled. Therefore, the potential for high pressure, high volume water leaks is eliminated.

Under the contract, the new roof will be engineered to work with their current furnace setup, as well as ‘future-proofed’ to integrate with planned furnace upgrades.  To alleviate concerns about potential piping issues, the new roof will be engineered using state of the art 3D laser scans of the current furnace and surrounding mill.  The 3D laser scan will aid in the design, especially since the available drawings are 25 years old and have discrepancies.  It will also allow piping to be designed accurately for easy fitment and should greatly reduce or eliminate unforeseen issues in the process.

The Hofors steelmaking operation, based around ingot casting, has an annual capacity of about 500,000 tonnes of ingots. The tube rolling capacity is about 120,000 tonnes annually and the ring rolling capacity about 45,000 tonnes a year.

This is an unconventional cantilever-lift roof that will be fabricated in Germany. Ovako and Systems plan on commissioning the new roof in January of 2018.   

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AIST BRS Front Cover

Systems Spray-Cooled News Flash: AIST Jan Front Cover, Safety First Article, & NYS Technical Article

Front Cover: Initial EAF Heat at
Big River Steel of Osceola, AR

Systems Spray-Cooled is proud to announce the appearance on the front page of the January 2017 AIST Iron & Steel Technology industry magazine. On the cover is Spray-Cooled’s newest 165-ton furnace going into service at Big River Steel in Osceola, AR. Congratulations to the Big River Steel team on a successful commissioning!

AIST Safety First Article
EAF Explosions: A Deadly but Preventable Problem

Hazards are ever-present in the steel plant environment, and a heightened awareness and emphasis on safety is a necessary priority for our industry. This monthly column, coordinated by members of the AIST Safety & Health Technology Committee, focuses on procedures and practices to promote a safe working environment for everyone.

This month’s Safety First Article is authored by Scott Ferguson and Nicholas Zsamboky and highlights the inherent dangers of Electric Arc Furnace explosions caused by pressurized water leaks. (pages 30-35)

View Technical Paper


AIST Technical Article
Single-Bucket Charge Conversion at Nucor-Yamato Steel

NYS Single Bucket Spray-Cooled ConversionIn 2011, having reached peak performance of its two-furnace meltshop, Nucor-Yamato Steel looked for ways to further reduce cost and improve overall meltshop performance.  A single-bucket furnace conversion was chosen.  This paper recounts the conversion engineering, installation and performance results to date of the project.  (pages 72-79)

AISTech 2017 - NashvilleCome Visit Us at AISTech 2017!

AISTech 2017 will be hosted in the beautiful city of Nashville, TN. Everyone is expecting another huge turnout. Don’t miss out!

Booth #1703 (You can’t miss us!)


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SMAC Air Filtration for Steel Mills

The Systems Group Introduces Self-Maintaining Air Cleaner for Steel Mill Transformer Vaults, Motor Control Rooms and Other Critical Spaces

Self-Maintaining Air CleanerAugust 9, 2016, El Dorado, Arkansas The Systems Group (, a diverse group of companies engaged in construction, maintenance and products for steel manufacturing and other heavy industry, has introduced the first auto-cleaning air filtration system for steel mill transformer vaults, motor control rooms, air compressor systems, engine intakes and other critical spaces.

The company has developed the Self-Maintaining Air Cleaner (SMAC) designed specifically for the harsh environments that exist in steel mills. The Systems Group will engineer, install and maintain the SMAC through their Systems Plant Services division. The program will initially target North American steel mills.

Critical airflow areas in steel mills have traditionally been maintained with standard HVAC filters. In offices and homes, standard HVAC filters can last 3-6 months; whereas in steel mill environments, filter life is cut down to days, resulting in environmental waste and key failure points if not changed regularly. The most critical of these failure points occurs when HVAC filters fail on transformer vaults and motor control rooms, resulting in highly conductive steel dust accumulating and arcing across high voltage electrical components.

Adapted to the steel industry and built with one hundred percent American-made steel, the SMAC coupled with high efficiency SMAC MAXX filters and self-cleaning technology results in filter service life of two years or longer (dependent on application) with minimal maintenance, instead of the 2-7 day service life of traditional HVAC filters in steel mill applications.

The Systems Group has designed a system to provide proven, reliable clean air to all the critical systems located in steel mills, eliminating tractor-trailer loads of used HVAC filter waste and ensuring lower maintenance costs, fewer critical failure points and fast CapEx payback.

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Systems Spray-Cooled Makes AIST Front Cover

Systems Spray-Cooled™ Makes AIST Front Cover

El Dorado, Ark., January 15, 2016 –Systems Spray-Cooled is proud to announce the appearance on the front page of the January 2016 AIST Iron & Steel Technology industry magazine.  On the cover is a new single-bucket charge upper and lower electric arc furnace shells (6,500 ft3/184 m3) going into service at Nucor-Yamato Steel Co. in Blytheville, AR with Systems Spray-Cooled sidewalls and EAF roof.

Also featured in the January issue, our latest ad for Systems Spray-Cooled:

Remember when pressurized furnace cooling was an advanced technology…… Cooling at atmospheric pressure is safer and more productive. 


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Top 600 ENR Specialty Contractors 2015

The Systems Group Named a Top Specialty Contractor

Arkansas Company Advances to #268 in 2015 ENR Top 600 Specialty Contractors Ranking

El Dorado, Ark., November 24, 2015 – The Systems Group (, a leading specialty contractor serving the industrial, municipal and commercial construction markets, has been named one of the Top 600 Specialty Contractors nationwide in an annual ranking report released by Engineering News-Record (ENR), a leading U.S. construction/engineering industry publication. Now ranked #268 – 50 positions higher than last year at #318 – it is the highest-ranked Arkansas firm on the list and has been part of the ENR “Top 600” for four consecutive years.  Construction services are provided through the company’s specialty contracting unit, Systems Contracting Corporation (

The Systems Group does extensive work for steel mills, foundries and other facilities. The group’s numerous specialties include but are not limited to process piping, structural concrete, structural steel erection, equipment setting and alignment, plant maintenance services, boiler and pressure vessel installation, service and repair, and machining and fabrication services.

Headquartered in El Dorado, Arkansas, The Systems Group also has contracting offices in Decatur, Alabama; Blytheville, Arkansas; Crawfordsville, Indiana; Ghent, Kentucky; Columbus, Mississippi; and Cofield, North Carolina.


For further information, contact The Systems Group, P.O. Box 11390, El Dorado, AR 71731; phone 870-862-1315; web; email



The Systems Group Donates Quarter Million For Training Center Construction

El Dorado, AR, August 14, 2015:

Representatives of The Systems Group and the Hays family donate $250,000 in honor of Charles A. Hays to help fund construction of the new South Arkansas Community College Advanced Manufacturing Training Center, which will break ground later this month. Hays, who founded The Systems Group more than 40 years ago, died in January, living to see his company go international. The business performs industrial construction, industrial plant maintenance and steel fabrication, and sells patented electric arc furnace cooling components used in steel mills in 17 countries around the world.

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Updated Spray-Cooled™ Equipment Offers Enhanced Safety, Longevity, Uptime

El Dorado, AR, July 14, 2015:

Systems Spray-Cooled™ (, which manufactures a line of non-pressurized, non-evaporative water-cooling equipment for the global metal and mineral industries, has updated its technology to incorporate several performance enhancements and new patented features that result in greater safety, equipment longevity and operational uptime.

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