Updated Spray-Cooled™ Equipment Offers Enhanced Safety, Longevity, Uptime


El Dorado, AR, July 14, 2015:

Systems Spray-Cooled™ (spraycooled.tsg.bz), which manufactures a line of non-pressurized, non-evaporative water-cooling equipment for the global metal and mineral industries, has updated its technology to incorporate several performance enhancements and new patented features that result in greater safety, equipment longevity and operational uptime.

A safer and more cost-effective alternative to conventional tubular cooling equipment used in electric arc furnace (EAF) melt shops and other extreme heat load applications, Spray-Cooled equipment uses an arrangement of patented water spray nozzles to cool furnace roofs and other surfaces at atmospheric pressure. This design eliminates the high-pressure, high-volume water leaks that can result in catastrophic steam explosions. Updated features include:

  • A new patented spray nozzle with a locking system to ensure that water spray is consistently angled in the optimum direction.
  • A reconfigured spray pattern that flushes water more quickly off the hot face for enhanced cooling.
  • New 3D modeling capability that allows easier retrofits: The design team can perform an onsite 3D laser scan of the furnace area to determine clearance issues, location of equipment, etc. – resulting in a customized plan that precisely fits the Spray-Cooled system into the existing space.
  • Upgraded construction features for greater longevity: For example, right-angled welds have been replaced with chamfered corners for higher durability and breakage resistance.

In addition to its safety benefits, Spray-Cooled equipment also offers the lowest cost of ownership and the highest productivity and production yield because it increases furnace uptime, reduces maintenance requirements, lasts longer than conventional cooling equipment and is repairable – eliminating the need for frequent replacement of components. Applications include roofs, sidewalls, ducts and many other extreme heat load applications in steelmaking, iron and steel foundry works, mining/ore smelting, carbide manufacturing and powdered metallurgy.

Systems Spray-Cooled is part of The Systems Group (tsg.bz), a diverse group of companies engaged in fabrication, plant maintenance and construction activities. For further information, contact Systems Spray-Cooled, 311 Plus Park, Suite 280, Nashville, TN 37217; phone 1-615-366-7772; email info@tsg.bz , web spraycooled.tsg.bz.