Systems Spray-Cooled / Nucor-Yamato Update

Nucor Yamato Mill

Project scheduled for on time delivery completion by the end of 2014

Nashville, TN, February 4, 2014: SYSTEMS Spray-Cooled, Inc. has completed the final design and engineering analysis of the new larger diameter Spray-Cooled™ roof, the new larger diameter and taller Spray-Cooled™ upper furnace shell along with a completely new design Spray-Cooled™ drop-out chamber roof with integral Spray-Cooled duct extension for Nucor-Yamato Steel Co’s single bucket charge furnace upgrade on its #1 (East) and #2 (West) furnaces in Blytheville, AR.  The drop-out chamber roof integral duct extension will allow the existing Spray-Cooled furnace roof elbow and all existing Spray-Cooled off gas ducts to be reused without any modifications being required.

The project deliverables call for two furnace roofs, two sidewalls and two drop-out chamber roofs for each #1 (East) and #2 (West) furnaces.  The #2 (West) furnace equipment is currently in manufacturing with the furnace roofs 60% complete and the sidewalls 75% complete.  Spray tests are scheduled to take place with the customer around the end of February.  The drop-out chamber roofs are also on track for an on time delivery.  We will deliver all #2 (West) furnace equipment on-time by the end of 2Q 2014 with the #1 (East) furnace equipment scheduled for an on-time delivery by the end of 4Q 2014.


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