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Dakotah Moring

I started working for Systems Contracting in the summer when I was 18 and continued working while I attended college. I started off working as a carpenter then worked my up to carpenter foreman. Later I was given the opportunity to work in field safety. The Systems Group has provided many career growth opportunities for me and I am proud to be apart of the Systems team.

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Ty Miller

For several years, I have worked with various companies that offered no job security, benefits or advancement. When I came to work for Systems Group, I found what I had been missing. Systems goes above and beyond to allow their employees to succeed. We are recognized for our job performance and are given unlimited means for growth and advancement. Through team work, we help each other learn new skills and improve our techniques. I have been with this company for two years now and could not see myself working for anyone else, I work for Systems Plant Services.

Jonathan Edwards

“Ever since I can remember, I have been taking equipment apart, understanding their workings  and fixing them. From a young age, growing up in Alabama, I worked tirelessly with my father in his workshop. This love of mechanical components finally led me into a career with Systems Contracting at their Columbus, MS location.

I first had the opportunity with Systems on the installation and set-up of their new Fabrication and Machine shop – from assisting the installation of machinery such as the large Lucas Boring Mill to supporting the fabrication shop with advanced welding techniques, it was a continuous learning and growth experience. After a short sabbatical at the local steel mill (a substantial customer for Systems) in their maintenance department, I returned to Systems with new purpose and greater understanding of the challenges of refurbishing and building new equipment.

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Systems Fab and Machine has provided me with total ownership of my workshop, allowing me to build a strong team that makes coming to work enjoying and challenging in today’s competitive manufacturing industry. I am making a difference and I can see my opinions are valued.”

Jeff Snider

Working for Systems Contracting has truly been a blessing for the past 10 years. Through the merits of hard work and perseverance, I was able to work myself from the ground up to achieve the position of Project Superintendent. It is not every day you come across a company that makes its employees feel like family when working for The Systems Group. By encouraging others I feel we can continue to grow our knowledge, our skills, and our workforce that will keep us competitive for years to come. Knowing that we are setting the foundation for tomorrow means we are building our future today.

Matt Smith

At 26 years of age I had spent the majority of my adult life working in retail. The world’s largest retailer, Wal*Mart Stores Inc., was my career choice after finishing college. I had promoted into a salaried mgr position in 2008; I remained there until I had had my fill of working long hours and holidays with seldom more recognition than a thank you.

A personal acquaintance told me of the many employment opportunities The Systems Group offered. My father worked in the industrial field and urged me to give it a try, so I applied. Since that time I have learned many aspects of what goes on in a steel fabrication shop. I started in March of 2013 as a helper and moved into operating. We have several complex machines that process angle, beams, and plates along with a variety of other raw steel. I’ve had the pleasure of learning to run almost all of them. Our facility really does make some incredible structures; from tiny intricate parts our machine shop can produce to huge girder beams or tank vessels our fitters and welders construct, there is nothing these men can’t make from metal.

I now work hands on with all the operators at our plant, helping to manage the various parts to jobs that are currently being assembled. At Systems Fab and Machine, I appreciate most the fact that we all take time to build a more personal working relationship. Here we all know one another by name from our company’s owners on down. You’re more than a name on a roster and for some of us that makes all the difference. For our employees and The Systems Group as a whole I foresee a bright future with vast opportunities to grow.

Robert Pagan

I came to work for Systems in May of 2001 straight out of high school. I was an eighteen year old kid with no experience in this field. But the group of people that I began working with were extremely knowledgeable and had no problem helping a young kid like myself.

I started out as a fitter/welder helper and eventually moved into welding. After that I was allowed to cross train with a fitter until I was able to break out on my on. The next step was to learn how to operate the CNC machinery. After I had learned to do all the jobs on the floor the next position was shop supervisor. So in 2014 I became the roll shop supervisor and have recently moved into the Quality control manager position. But none of this would have been possible without all the people before me and the people who have helped me along the way. I work for Systems Fab & Machine.

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